What is a day in life of a medieval bowyer like?

Expert Answers
mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Medieval bowyers, or fletchers, were very important members of society. At a time when warfare was the norm, bow and arrows were in high demand. The Medieval fletcher would wake up before dawn to get to work early. Because the job required certain tools, the bowyer would have a workshop in town, so he would need to travel to work. The bowyer would hold his head high on the way to work because his job was one of great craftsmanship and skill.

When the bowyer arrived to work, he would be greeted by a team of apprentices. The bowyer knew, that in addition his importance as a manufacturer of weapons for the army, his role as a teacher was of equal import. If the skill and craftsmanship that he possessed was to survive, it was his responsibility to pass his knowledge to the next generation of fletchers. Together, his team would use specific tools to craft a weapon that was central to medieval warfare.

The bowyer would have a busy day at work for sure. There was a high demand for his product, which meant he was valued in society. This value allowed him to accumulate wealth that was not seen in other professions. While he was required to pay heavy taxes to the king, he made enough money to provide for his family.