On what date did Yoko, her mother, and sister flee their home in the book "So Far From the Bamboo Grove"?

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Yoko Kawashima, her mother, and her sister Ko flee their home on July 29, 1945.  Although they are Japanese, they live in the town of Nanan in northeastern Korea because Mr. Kawashima is a Japanese government official working in Manchuria.  Nanan is located fifty miles from the Manchurian border near the Russian ports of Vladivostok and Nakhodka, and Father comes home to visit by train as often as he can.

At the time they are forced to flee, Yoko is eleven years old and Ko is sixteen.  Japan has been fighting America and Britain for four years by this time, but the war has come to Nanan only in the last few months.  For the past several days there have been nightly air raids, and some weeks before Japanese soldiers had burst into the house demanding metal, iron, bronze, silver, and gold to be used for the war effort.  The event that precipitates the Kawashima family's flight is a warning of a coming Communist attack.  The men in the family are away at the time, so Yoko, Mrs. Kawashima, and Ko set off alone.  Their destination is the large city of Seoul, Korea, and then Japan, a country Yoko has never seen (Chapter 1).

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