What is Daru's behavior toward guns, and how does it reveal his personality?

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In "The Guest," Daru is intimidated by guns. When the police officer leaves the gun on the desk for Daru, "just in case"  The police officer says, " Of course, you are armed?"

"I have my shotgun."


"In the trunk."

"You ought to have it near your bed."

"Why? I have nothing to fear."

"You're crazy, son. If there's an uprising, no one is safe, we're all in the same boat."

"I'll defend myself. I'll have time to see them coming."

Daru doesn't want a fight, he doesn't want to take sides.  He is a peaceful man who will only resort to violence if it means his life.  The attitude toward guns demonstrates this non-confronting, peace loving teacher's attitude.

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