What is Daphne du Maurier telling the audience about people's place in the world in "The Birds" ?

Expert Answers
bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The story is more a psychological thriller than a comment on man's place in the world. It deals with how people react in life- and-death situations. Most notable is man's need to be able to explain anything that happens and to be able to control the situation. The fact that people are unable to defend themselves against the birds in the end tells us that as human beings, we don't have complete control over everything in nature. There are things that happen that defy explanation as to why it happens. The author does not, however, blame the behavior of the birds on the actions of people that could cause the birds to behave this way.

jgbj | Student

They are telling the audience that if it should come to that situation, man may not survive. The thing is, is that people are not that important, when you include nature and space. animals may seem to be controlled by us, but in this story it looks like we are being controlled by them, they are superior