In The Bronze Bow, what is Daniel's real reason for wanting to take Joel's warning to Jesus?

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The warning that Joel passes on to Daniel is grave: despite their shared interests in rebelling against the Romans, the teachers and Rabbis in the Jewish Temples are upset with the preachings of Jesus. They believe that he is changing and reinterpreting God's word instead of continuing with their own traditions, and because of this perceived heresy, some might be driven to violence. Daniel takes the warning to Jesus, but not because of the warning itself.

With the door shut against him, Daniel stood in the crowded garden. He wanted desperately to see Jesus. He knew now that the warning had been only an excuse. If he could have one word, one sign from Jesus, he might find the strength to go on working.
(Speare, The Bronze Bow, Google Books)

This occurs after Daniel rescues Joel from the Romans, losing Samson and Nathan during the fighting. Daniel is disillusioned and believes that he has failed the cause as a leader; he does not see in himself the strength to continue fighting the Romans. Therefore, his visit to Jesus is not really to warn him about dissent -- Jesus is already aware that his teachings are controversial -- but rather Daniel wants to find new purpose in his own life and struggles. If Daniel can get validation of his trials, he will be better able to weather tragedy and lead his men to victory.

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