What does Daniel tell Jesus about himself?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 21, Daniel visits Jesus to warn him about his enemies. Jesus thanks Daniel then asks him why he is troubled. Daniel tells Jesus, "Because I don't know where to turn. Everything has failed. Everything I hoped and lived for" (Speare 223). Daniel is confused and losing hope in his cause. When Jesus asks Daniel what he lives for, Daniel responds by telling Jesus that he lives for freedom from Rome and to avenge his father's death. Jesus notices that Daniel lives for two reasons, and Daniel comments that they are essentially the same thing. Jesus then asks Daniel if he is sure, and Daniel becomes frustrated. He voices his displeasure and tells Jesus that all he wanted was a chance. Daniel doesn't know how or why all of his plans failed but feels a sense of hopelessness. Daniel goes on to tell Jesus how Samson sacrificed his life for him, and died without understanding anything about Israel or the kingdom. Jesus acknowledges that Samson gave all he had and asks how Daniel will repay him. Daniel says, "By vengeance!" (Speare 224). Jesus asks Daniel if he can repay love with hate, and Daniel stubbornly responds by saying, "Should I love the Romans who killed him?" (Speare 224). When Daniel finally tells Jesus that he will fight for him, Jesus simply says, "I would ask something much harder than that. Would you love for me to the end?" (Speare 225).