What risks and danger do the children face in The Silver Sword?       

Expert Answers
mandersn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different circumstances pose specific dangers/risks. For example, Jan, who has become so distrustful of men in uniform, sees even the Russian sentry, Ivan as a threat. Jan steals from the Americans who are really there to help the Polish.

The danger during the latter episodes, is that the children have to hide, not from Nazis this time, but from the people sent to aid the Poles. The problem is that kind of help would mean hindering the children's journey to Switzerland. The children shun this kind of "rescue" from relief officers as this would mean they may never see their parents again. That is the reason Jan was uncomfortable when the Burgomaster had an encounter with Edek and when Bronia later came along and spoke in Polish. Sure enough, the Burgomaster turned up after, at the home of the Barvarian Farmer, to fetch the children. As a result, in a desperate attempt to make the journey to Switzerland, the children set off to make their escape via the river and at the mercy of the old canoes that the farmer had mended.

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