What is the dance called that is associated with the flappers in "The Great Gatsby"?

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The "flapper" was a style of women's dress in the 1920s. More than a fashion statement, however, it was a social statement. Young women who adopted this style were reacting against their mothers' style of ankle-length, long-sleeved dresses. The "flapper" dress was knee-length and usually had a beaded fringe. It was either sleeveless or had very short sleeves. The costume was accessorized with very long strings of pearls or other beads and silk stockings rolled down at the knees. To finish off the look, the young woman cut her hair in a short, almost mannish cut and may have set her bangs in pin curls. She might wear a feathered headband as well.

The dance most associated with the flapper style is the Charleston, which is also the name of the tune it was danced to. One other song and dance associated with the flapper era is the Black Bottom. You can listen to each of those songs at the nfo.net link below.

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