What is it in Dallas that appeals to Cherry? Is it common that girls fall for guys like Dallas? If so, why?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is obvious that Cherry prefers "bad boys," since she is dating Bob Sheldon (the most violent of the Socs) and she is immediately attracted to Dallas Winston (the most "dangerous" and criminally active of the greasers). Both Bob and Dally are handsome: Bob's family is wealthy and he is "a tall guy with a semi-Beatle haircut." Dally has "elfish face" with blue eyes and incredibly blonde hair that--unlike most of the greasers--had no oil in it. Even after Dally insults Cherry at the theatre, she is turned on by his antics. She knows of his reputation and probably revels in her first meeting with him. She tells Pony that

"I could fall in love with Dallas Winston... I hope I never see him again, or I will."

She even seeks him out while Pony and Johnny are hiding out and agrees to act as their "spy." She turns down Dally's request to get a Coke at The Dingo because, as Ponyboy reflects, "She's afraid of loving you."

jenjenny11 | Student

i think that what makes Cherry like dally is that he can defend anyone and he is all tough and also tuff .He acts cool to himself.I guess sometimes girls fall for guys like that but it depends.Some girls like tuff guys and some like shy,smart,funny,bad,stupid,crazy,hot,ugly,so so,cute,weird,

normal,awesome,terrible,outstanding,show-offs,generous,tall,short,medium,popular,ect you get the point!if u need more things on girls i am here ok.