In The Great Gatsby, what is Daisy feeling during the meeting with Gatsby at Nick's house?Chapter 5

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During the meeting with Gatsby, Daisy is described as "frightened but graceful" as well as having "tense, unhappy eyes." Both she and Gatsby are visibly nervous and embarrassed. Daisy's behavior is quite erratic, crying about the beauty of Gatsby's shirts one minute and dreaming of being in the clouds the next. Daisy is taken in with Gatsby's wealth and she is taken with how devotedly he looks upon her. Having a troubled marriage with Tom, Daisy is conflicted about Gatsby but is also flattered and intrigued by Gatsby's devotion to her. She's feeling a lot of mixed emotions. It is probable that this is one of the moments in Daisy's life when she confronts the idea that she may have married Tom for wealth and a comfortable lifestyle. Thus, she confronts her own superficiality, perhaps wondering if she is drawn to this "new" Gatsby because of his wealth or because of her memory of him as a young idealist.