What is in cytoplasm? My biology teacher wants me to make a model of cytoplasm.For this I need to label what "stuff"is in cytoplasm.She was very vague, so I'm a little confused.She gave the example of amino acids, I would like to know anything else along those lines.

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It is a gel-like substance between the cell membrane and the nucleus. The organelles are suspended within the cytoplasm in eukaryotic cells and in prokaryotic cells, all the cell contents are found in the cytoplasm. It contains between 70-90 percent water.There are also salts as well as organic molecules and enzymes. There can be ions like calcium in the cytoplasm as well. Most of the cell's metabolic activities occur in the cytoplasm. The part of the cytoplasm not held within the cell's organelles is the cytosol. This contains dissolved molecules like proteins, as well as cytoskeleton filaments.The filaments located in the cytoplasm hold together the organelles suspended within the cytoplasm. 

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