What did ancient Roman clothing look like? What hair styles did they wear?Please include fashions for rich and poor people.

Expert Answers
linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ancient Roman garment that we are probably most familiar with today is the toga. It was a large piece of fabric that was wrapped around the body and draped over one shoulder, leaving the other arm free. Interestingly, only free Romans were allowed to wear togas; slaves had to wear tunics, which were long shirts that might look to us today like dresses. Other garments include the stola, a type of dress worn by women; the pallium, which was a cloak that was worn over the toga; and the tunic. Both men and women wore leather sandals.

As for hairstyles, men usually kept their hair cut short. Like women today, well-to-do Roman women often wore their hair in elaborate styles, even using an early form of curling iron to form ringlets. The even used hair dyes! Less well off women and slaves wore their hair pinned up.

Visit the sites below for more information and pictures of clothing and hairstyles. The site vroma.org is especially helpful if you're interested in making one of these garments.