What does Curley think about George and Lennie traveling together in Of Mice and Men?

Curley is suspicious and wary of George and Lennie when he learns that they travel together. Similar to his father, Curley wonders if George and Lennie plan on taking advantage of them or will cause some sort of trouble.

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Curley's nature drives him to be combative and on alert for the worst in people, as his father is.

He finds it odd and suspicious that Lennie and George are traveling and working together, as this is not typical for migrant workers. He wonders if George has a hidden agenda or is trying to play gamesto Curley everyone has an angle or is trying to get ahead.

Curley is not entirely wrong. George does time his and Lennie's arrival at the ranch for later in the day so that they miss being sent out with the threshing crew that morning. George lies about why they are late. He says they missed the bus and had to hike ten miles, when, of course, we know they were just outside the ranch by the pool. By doing this, he and Lennie get the advantage of a meal and a roof over their heads for a night before they have to start the brutal work pace. George's stratagems help he and Lennie survive in a rough world.

Curley is suspicious that George and Lennie might be lovers, saying, "Oh, so it’s that way."...

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