What culture does John's culture remind you of in "By the Waters of Babylon?" Why?Also give examples!

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The world of this story is the world of our distant ancestors - prehistoric man, with none of the scientific advances and discoveries that we are blessed with today. Instead, ignorance rules, and the culture depicted in this story is structured by a number of taboos, or things that it is forbidden to do.

It is well worth re-reading the first paragraph of the story to discover how many times the phrase "It is forbidden" is used. This underlines the state of the people in this story - there is no reason or explanation given for these taboos, unthinking obedience is expected. This is further re-inforced by the description of the role of Priests in the society. They are allowed to do things that normal people are not, and are entrusted with "magic" and secrets and how to read and write.

Clearly then, a comparison would be with our cavemen ancestors, who, like the people in this story, had a radically different way of looking at the world due to their scientific ignorance, and believed in things such as demons, spirits and magic.

shadychick28 | Student

John reminds me of a Native American. He reminds me of this because of the way he talks and the way he becomes one with the land.  He is very spirtual and believes that the gods with show him the way.  He knows the forest and tha land very well.  He becomes one with the land.