What are the culture and customs of the "Nubia" African Society?

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The Nubians are one of the many ethnic groups found in Africa. Orginally from Sudan, the modern day group also inhabits parts of Egypt and Northeast Africa, and they speak a variety of dialects of their own Nubian language. The dark-skinned Nubians were famed for their talents with the bow and arrow during ancient times. The last Nubian kingdom was swallowed up by the Arabs during the 16th century, though they became a part of British Sudan and Egypt during the late 19th century until it was annexed by the two nations in the 1950s. Many Nubians were forced out of their native land upon the construction of the Aswan Dam near Lake Nasser, and Nubians relocated to such diverse places as Elephantine Island and large cities such as Cairo. Most of the present-day Nubians have converted to Islam, but they have managed to maintain some of their old customs--particularly their native dress, dances and music. The Tim Rice-Elton John Broadway musical, Aida, features a storyline about a Nubian princess enslaved by the Princess of Egypt.

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