What are the cultural achievements of Athens and Sparta?

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The cultural achievements of the classical Greeks during the “Golden Age” are so numerous that they set many of the basic standards for Western civilization. Greece was divided into several city-states, of which Athens and Sparta are the most well-known.

Sparta is famous for its military culture and the rigid control of the state over the citizens. Children were considered property of the state, and because military service was compulsory, boys were taken from their families at a young age to be raised in the barracks as soldiers-in-training. Spartan battle tactics were so efficient and effective that modern military strategists still study the ancient texts of Herodotus and Thucydides and other Greek historians.

As a rule, the Spartans lived a minimalist lifestyle: they didn’t own much more than they needed, they didn’t eat a lot, and their manner of speaking was blunt and to-the-point. To this day, we use the term spartan to describe someone who lives simply, and the word laconic

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