What is cultural and linguistic Anthropology ? Is anthropology and sociology kinda the same thing ?

ambernayak | Student

Cultural anthropology is the study of human society and culture, with an emphasis on describing, analyzing, interpreting, and explaining social and cultural similarities and differences. With the notion of culture as their principle, organizing concept, cultural anthropologists are interested in the whole of the human condition. Topics of study include how people make a living (consumption and exchange), kinship and descent, political systems, gender and sexuality (sex, gender, and power), religion, art, the modern world system (colonialism and postcolonialism), the sociocultural context of disease and illness (medicine, the body, knowledge, and culture), ethnicity, the social context of “race,” and the relation between the self, culture, and society.

Linguistic anthropology is the study of communication and language in their social and cultural context. Since only humans speak, anthropologists are keenly interested in language use, structure, and change, and the relations among language, society, and culture. In general, anthropologists working in this subfield of anthropology are interested in how language is used in social contexts (sociolinguistics), how contemporary languages differ, especially in their construction (formal linguistics), how languages change over time and how they may be related (historical linguistics), and how people communicate nonverbally through facial expressions, bodily stances, gestures, and movements (nonverbal communication). Some anthropologists also study the natural communication systems of nonhuman animals, especially that of monkeys and apes (animal communication).

No Anthropology and Sociology are not same but do resembles each other. Social anthropology is said to be the twin sister of sociology but the difference between both is of methods used in research. Sociologist studies modern society and it's relationship with individual whereas anthropology studies primitive society or pre-modern society. sociologist deals with problems of society, why it is prevailing and how to correct it but anthropologist studies only the evolution of problem since primitive to cuurent situation.