What is the cultural/human geography of Russia?

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Cultural and human geography span a huge variety of factors.  There are too many aspects to the human and cultural geography of Russia to fit in an answer on this site.  All that is possible is to give a very brief outline.

Perhaps the first fact about the human geography of Russia is that the great majority of people living in the country are ethnically Russian.  Ethnic Russians account for about 80% of the population.  However, because Russia is so large and because it was the core of the Soviet Union, there are many other kinds of people in the country.  These include Tatars (a Turkic group), Armenians, Chechens, and many other groups.

A second fact is that Russia is (by some estimates) not very religious.  41% of Russians say they belong to the Orthodox Church while about 43% are atheist, non-religious, or undecided.  The largest religious minority is the 6% of Russians who are Muslim.

The third fact that we will mention here is that Russia is somewhat behind the rich world in terms of the health and well-being of its people.  The life expectancy in Russia is only 59 years for men, as compared to 76 in the UK and 78 in Sweden.  Child mortality is three times as high in Russia as in the UK.  (Source: Fouberg, et. al. Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture 9th edition).

This gives us a very basic understanding of Russia’s human and cultural geography.

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