We Were Soldiers Once…and Young Questions and Answers
by Joseph L. Galloway, Harold G. Moore

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What is the critical view of the book We Were Soldiers Once . . . And Young?  What is its target readership?

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Lt. General Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway (the only journalist who accompanied the troops), both of whom experienced one of the most horrific battles of the Vietnam War, published this account of the Battle of Ia Drang Valley in 1992, almost 27 years after the battle.  The first line tells us much about the reason for the book: "This story is about time and memories." (Prologue:xvii)  Because this account is written by 1) the Army officer who commanded the operation on the ground and 2) a journalist who accompanied then Lt. Colonel Moore, its reception by the reading public and critics in 1992 reflected the readers support of or opposition to the war.  Some readers thought it was a patriotic account of American military resilience and some thought it was an attempt to justify a military disaster.

From a military perspective, We Were Soldiers Once  is still considered one of the best accounts of small-unit actions (that is, platoon and company-sized actions) in Vietnam (or any...

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