what is the critical appreciation of the open window by saki  

ravindeer | Student

"Romance at short notice was her speciality."

 The last sentence sums up the entire story and truly brings out its essence. Vera,the young girl in the story, meets Mr. Framton Nuttel, who has come to the countryside to cure himself of this strange nervous disorder.  He needs to aquaint himself with  the  simple and innocent people of the rural background and enjoy life.

Little does he realise that he is about to be victimised by this chit of a  girl who after listening to his problem weaves a cock and bull story.It seems so real that Mr. Nuttel is shocked looking at the THE OPEN WINDOW, for he can see things happening as the girl had described. The sight of two men and a dog coming through the garden, all bedraggled, catches him dumbfounded and he runs screaming out of the house.

The climax of the story, and the superb handling of the plot by Saki is what catches the attention of the readers throughout the story.The title is absolutely appropriate as the story revolves around the  magic of the open window and builds the thrill and imagination to reach its climax.