What is the critical appreciation of Derozio's poetry?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When we examine Derozio's work, one has to examine the strong zeal of Indian identity and a passionate embrace of freedom.  As a professor, Derozio was passionate about encouraging his students to read works by writers like Thomas Paine that embraced freedom and individual rights.  In the end, much of Derozio's writing sought to apply the ideas and works from the West to the Indian predicament.  His love of Byron caused him to inject the Byronic hero into the context of Indian subjugation at the hands of the British in The Fakeer of Jhungeera. Derozio is seen as a prominent poet and thinker in Indian Poetry for a couple of reasons.  His geographic location of Bengal helped to start the idea that the state was an intellectual hotbed of political activity and social change.  Additionally, he can be seen as a prominent poet in the diaspora of Indian poetry because he understood that the Indian context can be merged with ideas and beliefs from the West.