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A critical appreciation is performed by the reader or audience after reading some form of literature or watching a play. The reader evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the experienced form based on the plot, style, themes, and language among other variables. The reader will also communicate the impressive and disappointing aspects of the experienced form. It is important for the reader to provide reasons for both the positive and negative claims when conducting a critical appreciation. The critical appreciation may also consider the author and the type of work they develop. In this case, the reader or audience will evaluate the applicability and relevance of the work in real life situations. Thus, a critical appreciation is the reader’s response to the experienced form.

In A Midsummer’s Night Dream by Shakespeare, the reader can appreciate how the plot and subplots have been developed and connected. For instance, the subplot of the four Athenian youths in the forest is blended well with the unraveling subplot of the fairies and the spirits. The author finds a way to connect the fairies and spirits from a mystical realm to the real world of the human beings.

Oberon: … And with the juice of this I'll streak her eyes,
And make her full of hateful fantasies.
Take thou some of it, and seek through this grove:
A sweet Athenian lady is in love(265)
With a disdainful youth; anoint his eyes;
But do it when the next thing he espies
May be the lady. Thou shalt know the man
By the Athenian garments he hath on.
Effect it with some care, that he may prove(270)
More fond on her than she upon her love.
And look thou meet me ere the first cock crow.

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