In "A Good Man is Hard to Find" what is a critical analysis of the grandmother's part in her family's death?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator
If you want to pin things on her, she is the reason that the family went off-route to go to find an old haunt of hers; she is the one that upsets the basket with the cat, which sends the cat launching, and causes the car crash. All of this puts them in the pathway of the Misfit and his gang. After that, I don't think that anything that she could have said or done would have saved her family; the Misfit was merciless in his killings, and even she did not escape that fate. But, she definitely was the reason that the family was in that area in the first place. So that is the role that she led in the unfortunate demise of her entire family. It is a very haunting, disturbing, and violent story that has as its main character an unlikeable old lady that we have a really hard time not being really angry towards. So, it is easy to get mad at her for her family's death, even though technically, it was the Misfit and his gang that pulled the trigger. I provided some links below to more critical analyses of the story, and that should hopefully help you out some also. Good luck!
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