Much Ado About Nothing Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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I'd like a character analysis of Don John from Act III of Much Ado About Nothing.  

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Don John appears in one scene in Act III -- scene ii.  It is important to note that, earlier in the play, Don John tells the audience that he plans to bring down his half brother Don Pedro's friend, Claudio.  Don John calls himself a "plain dealing villain" (I, iii, 30), and so he operates as the villain of this comedy, creating complications for the other characters to untangle.

It is also in Act I, scene iii that Don John gives his reason for villainy.  He nurses a vague sort of hatred towards Claudio, giving his rationale in lines 61-63:

. . .that young start-up [Claudio] hath all the glory of my overthrow.  If I can cross him any way, I...

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