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What does the Criss Jami mean by "When I look at a person I see a person—not a rank, not a class, not a title"?  

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This quote could be interpreted in a couple of different ways. I believe that the quote expresses Jami's feelings that she will judge a person for who they are to her. The rank, class, and title classifications are issued by a society or a business of some kind. To Jami, the fact that a person is a five star general or a duke or duchess doesn't matter. Those people could be wonderful, friendly people, or they could be complete jerks, and that is what Jami is getting at. She judges a person based on who they are and not what they have done to obtain a particular title. On one hand, that is a nice way of looking at people because it appears to be unbiased. She doesn't see race or privilege. She see's people. Unfortunately, I can't say that Jami's statement is always good or always a solid way of looking at people. There are possible times when a particular rank or title has been given to a person because that person deserves it. The title could be good or bad, but it has to be said that titles can be given because they reflect the type of person that somebody is. Saint Mother Teresa would be a good example of how a title accurately reflects who that person was.

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