In Brave New World, what crimes does the DHC accuse Bernard of?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We are given the answer to this question in the second section of Chapter 6 when Bernard goes to the Director of Hatcheries and asks him to confirm the travel permit that he needs to take Lenina to the reservations. After narrating a tale about what happened when he took a date to a reservation (that as we shall see will come back to haunt him later on in the story), he then turns on Bernard and accuses of him of the "crime" you refer to in your question:

"If ever I hear again of any lapse from a proper standard of infantile decorum, I shall ask for your transference to a Sub-Centre - preferably Iceland."

Thus we discover it is Bernard's tendency to not maintain the proper standard of "infantile decorum" which is so important in this society that gets him into trouble and leads the DHC to threaten to transfer him.

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