In Antigone, what is Creon’s opinion of Antigone?

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Creon believes that Antigone is being foolish.  He has clearly ordered that the body of Polyneices remain in the street, but Antigone has performed a pseudo-burial of the body.  When he questions her about it, Antigone does not deny that she is guilty of her actions, and this angers Creon.  He finds her arrogant and disrespectful for blatantly going against his orders.  When Creon's son Haemon approaches his father to try to beg mercy for Antigone, Creon tells his son that Antigone is a simply a woman and that they cannot bend to a "feminine will."  Creon chides his son for being persuaded and taken by her will and says that he cannot look the other way because she has so boldly disobeyed the law.

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