What is Creon's response to Teiresias' advice in lines 1145-1162 of "Antigone"?

What is Creon's response to Teiresias' advice in lines 1145-1162 of "Antigone"?

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Teiresias warns Creon that he is responsible for a sickness that has descended on Thebes. Polyneices's unburied body has polluted the city and the gods will hear no more prayers. The body is also polluting the cities close to Thebes, causing ill will toward Creon's city−state. In an act of hubris, or pride, Creon accuses the old man of trickery, stating that some enemy must have paid the seer to come and upset him.

Teiresias then correctly accuses Creon of tyranny and selfishness, and predicts the king he will lose his son and great grief will befall his house. After Teiresias leaves, Creon becomes fearful. He decides to allow Polyneices to be buried, and to set Antigone free. However, his decision comes too late. Antigone has killed herself and after discovering her body, Creon's son Haemon kills himself. When Eurydice, Creon's wife, hears her son is dead, she kills herself. Thus Creon's pride has resulted in the consequences Teirsias predicted.

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At last  wat happen to Creo, Iseme and Teiresias.

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