What is the Creel Committe?Include organizations in the context of the roles and Images of women during war-time.

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The Creel Committee or the Committee on Public Information (CPI) was an independent agency of the United States of America intended to influence American public opinion regarding American intervention in World War I.  It was established by President Woodrow Wilson through executive order 2594 on April 13th 1919. The chairman of the committee was George Creel.

The main purpose of the committee was to influence American public opinion to support the American government's intervention in World War I. The CPI used all the available media of that time-newsprint,posters, telegraph and cinema-to influence public opinion. Initially facts were given a spin to support the war effort, soon however the CPI began churning out raw propaganda which portaryed the Germans as monsters. The committee was abolished in 1919.

Most of the  women's organisations supported the war effort by extending their traditional domestic services like running canteens for the soldiers or providing nursing care to the wounded soldiers. They also supported the war effort by their fundraising.

Two of the prominent women's groups were-The women's wing of the Red Cross and the National League for Women's Service.

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