What is the name of the creature who protects the afterworld in Ancient Egypt?

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The Egyptian protector of the afterworld was named Anpu. Anpu was also known by Inpu, which means “he who is in the place of embalming.”  The Greeks called the Egyptian protector of the afterlife Anubis, and that is primarily how he is identified today.

His identity, name, and mythology changed throughout the vast history of Egypt.  In general, he was seen as the protector and escort of the dead.  His role was to oversee the long process of journeying to the afterlife.  The journey included a judgment, that when rendered, would include continued passage, or a detour to Egyptian “hell” at Ammit.  The preservation of the body was an important practice and belief that the Egyptians held.  Anubis came to be associated with the process of mummification.  Anubis was usually represented in art and ritual text as a jackal.