What are the creation stories of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism? What are the similarities and differences?

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jyurkonis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Christian Bible and the Islamic Qur'an tell the same basic story of creation. There are many subtle differences in the wording that some people believe make major differences in the story; this is regularly debated.  One difference is that the Bible says that creation took place over 6 days, while the Qur'an simply states that there were 6 periods of time during the creation of the world.  As a reader, it is difficult to make exact comparisons between the two texts, mainly because the Bible tells the story of creation in one place (the Book of Genesis), whereas in the Qur'an the story is spread out throughout the entire text.

The Hindu Religion tells a story of ongoing creation and recreation of the world in an infinite cycle that always was and always will be.  There are many slightly differing stories of creation.  Most tell of Lord Vishnu creating Lord Brahma who, in turn, creates the world.  Lord Brahma then lives a day of unimaginable length and the world is destroyed once he sleeps.  When he awakens for his next day, a new world is created.  Once he has lived a lifetime of days, Lord Shiva destroys everything and returns it all to Lord Vishnu.  Lord Vishnu then begins the process again.

There are many other stories of creation aside from these three.

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