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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Courts are important in our society and in our legal system. A court is a place where disputes may be settled. If two people have a dispute, they may take that dispute to court. The court will resolve the dispute that these individuals have. It is also a place where people are tried for crimes of which they are accused. In a court setting, there will be a judge and various court officials. There are different levels of courts. Municipal courts handle matters such as speeding tickets. State courts handle cases involving state laws. Federal courts handle cases involving federal laws.

In a court, people may have their case be heard by a jury. Lawyers will present arguments that represent the interests of the defendant. The lawyers for the prosecution will present arguments to try to prove the case against the defendant. The judge makes sure proper procedures are followed. If there is a jury, the judge will give instructions to the jury regarding determining guilt or innocence of the defendant. The jury will weigh the facts presented by each side, and then they will make a decision. If there is no jury, then the judge will make the ruling.

Courts are important because it gives individuals a place to resolve disputes. It also allows for a way to determine if a person did or didn’t commit a crime.