What is the course of the Glorious Revolution?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There was not really all that much to the Glorious Revolution -- not that much happened -- even though the impact was quite important.  Basically, all that happened in this was that the Parliament of Britain asked a Dutch noble and his wife (who was daughter of the King of England) to come take over the English throne.  They were offered the monarchy on the condition that they would let Parliament pretty much run the country.

So William of Orange and Mary came over with an army to take the crown.  The English army refused to fight (because people didn't like that King James was trying to make the country become a Catholic country again).  That was pretty much the end of the Glorious Revolution.  King James (who had been deposed) did try a brief invasion a couple years later but nothing really came of that.

One reason it is called the Glorious Revolution is because it was so bloodless.

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