What course of action can be taken or solutions that could be implemented to reach an acceptable conclusion to problem of acid rain in Boreal shield?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very important question. There are several important steps that can be taken to reduce acid rain. However, citizens, the government, and industries must work together. The general goal will be to limit the emission of NOx and SO2 into the atmosphere, because they are the main factors that cause acid rain.

First, it is important to clean up smoke stacks and exhaust pipes. The burning of fossil fuels, which make modern life possible, needs to be renovated. Companies can help tremendously by burning coal with less sulphur. Using natural gas is a better than burning coals. And if coal must be used, there is a process of washing the coal with a device called a "scrubber," which can help. So, industry must play an important role. Perhaps the government can create some incentives.

Second, the government or private companies should be researching ways to get alternative energy. Water, wind, and solar energy are excellent alternatives.

Third, where the effects of acid rain have already done damage, there can be a clean up process. For example, lakes and stream with higher acid can be helped by adding limestone. This process called liming neutralizes the acid.

Finally, education will play an important role.