What courage did Yuki show in the camps in Journey to Topaz?

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Yuki consistently shows courage as she navigates daily life as a detainee at the Topaz War Relocation Center, which was one of the Japanese internment camps established in the US after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She develops friendships, particularly with Emi, and offers Emi emotional support when she becomes gravely ill with tuberculosis. Yuki refuses to be spiritually broken by her imprisonment at Topaz and instead continues to be a source of encouragement for other people in the camp.

Yuki faces several tragedies while in the internment camp, including the death of Mr. Kurihara and the death of her dog. However, Yuki remains resilient and continues to try to make improvements to life in the squalid conditions and to maintain resiliency in the face of the horrific realities that are present in the camp.

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