What country will have the greatest population by 2020?  

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By 2020, both China and India will be the two most populous countries in the world.  China will have the largest population at just over 1.4 billion people.  India will have just under 1.4 billion people by 2020.  The population of the entire world by 2020 is projected to be 7.7 billion people.  Together, India and China will be home to almost three billion people.  This means that almost half of the population of the entire world will be contained within the two Asian countries.  

Much of the data for 2020 is similar to the population numbers of today.  In 2016, China's population is just under 1.4 billion people.  India's population today is just over 1.3 billion people.  Projections for the next twenty years show that the populations of these two countries will continue to grow.

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