In what country was Trotsky assassinated?

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Leon Trotsky was a Russian man who was involved in the Russian Revolution.  His beliefs were considered radical, and he was exiled.  First he was sent to Siberia.  After this, he went to many other countries.  He was forced to leave each time because of his political views.  

Trotsky returned to Russia again in 1917 when another revolution began.  He served in a foreign affairs position under Vladimir Lenin.  When Stalin came into power, Trotsky questioned some of his decisions.  Stalin had Trotsky exiled to another part of Russia.  Later, Trotsky was banned from living in Russia for the rest of his life.

After moving around to several different countries, Trotsky finally was able to seek political asylum in Mexico with his family in the 1930s.  Stalin sent hit men in an attempt to murder Trotsky, but they failed.  Soon after, Trotsky was murdered by another man who was not officially connected to the Russians.  Trotsky died in Mexico.

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