World War II

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What country was most successful in terms of economic mobilization during the war?

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I think that the United States is the nation that was the most successful in mobilization during the Second World War.  With the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, antiwar sentiment had nearly evaporated.  President Roosevelt was able to mobilize Americans to join the war effort and war became the fundamental machinery to propel the United States out of the Great Depression.  The production and projection of wealth into the war effort in defeating Germany first and Japan next was something that approached staggering proportions.  Few expected that the economically crippled United States would have been able to produce so much and mobilize in such a strong demonstration of economic wealth in so many ways.  This mobilization of economic wealth was evident at the end of the war, as well, with the United States emerging as the unquestioned wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world.  In this, the United States was the most successful in terms of mobilizing economic wealth and prosperity during and after World War II.

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