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What country is this? This is a landlocked African country with the poor economy based on agriculture. It is believed that coffee have originated in this country.Is Ethopia the correct answer?

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Your proposed answer to this question is correct.  Ethiopia is the only country that fits all of these criteria.  The way to know that Ethiopia is the correct answer is to realize that it is the only country that might have been the point of origin for coffee and is landlocked.

There are three countries that might have been the origin for coffee.  They are Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan.  Of these, only Ethiopia is landlocked.  We should note that Ethiopia was not landlocked until 1991.  In that year, Eritrean separatists won their war for independence and Ethiopia lost its access to the ocean.

Many countries in Africa have poor economies that are based on agriculture.  In fact, most economies that are based on agriculture are poor.  This is because any country that has most of its people working in agriculture must have a very poorly developed agricultural sector with little machinery.  Such countries do not use their resources very efficiently and remain poor.

So, Ethiopia is poor, has an economy based on agriculture, is landlocked, and is one of the possible origins of coffee.  That makes your answer correct.

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laurto | Student

Yes, Ethiopia is the correct answer. Ethiopia is a landlocked country, and is the most populous one in the world. Ethiopia's economy is based on agriculture. Agriculture accounts for almost 80% of exports and 80% of the labor force. Ethiopia also suffers from poverty. It is also believed that Ethiopia is the origin of the coffee bean. 

nnn | Student

Yes, it is Ethiopia.The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa. It is one of the 48 landlocked countries in the world. The independence of Eritrea and Montengero have caused Ethiopia to become landlocked. Besides, the agriculture of Ethiopia is largely based on agriculture, which accounts for 46.6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 85% of total Employment. Ethiopia is also held to be the origin of coffee bean. Coffee is the principal crop of the country and its most important export product. So we may conclude that Ethiopia is the right answer.