in regards to "To Begin the World Anew," what country's government was influenced by American constitutionalism?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The premise of the American Constitution impacted many nations.  Indeed, much of the French Revolution was inspired by the Colonists' actions and their drive for a Constitution.  The Enlightenment theories which were formative in the construction of the American Constitution also played a vital role in carving out French identity in their own revolution.  Over time, the Constitution has carried much weight in determining how other countries are both perceived by America and how the Constitutionality of American government impacted their development.  After World War II at Japan's surrender, American terms dictated that Japan would adopt a Constitutional form of government with a strong legislative branch and the power of the Emperor would be as mere figurehead.  Additionally, nations such as India in 1947 used the Parliamentary style of government as well as the principle of limited government, which suggests that government cannot exceed the authority of Constitutional driven ideas, in determining their own sense of rule.  In the last ten years, the change in governing structures in both Afghanistan and Iraq have been contingent on the development of Constitutional reform, modeled by an American brand of Constitutionalism.

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