What could you do to improve your understanding of your company's products and services ?

Expert Answers
cawells1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It’s important for any company to encourage employees to want to have the best knowledge about the products and services an employee is promoting. Several suggestions on what you can do to improve your understanding of your company’s products and services are suggested below:

  • Inquire if your company has any training product videos or computer-based training material that you can borrow or download for reviewing. Often manufacturers will have free power point presentations on their products that are used by sales representatives.
  • Request a company product and services manual that you can keep for your own and that will allow you to constantly check and conduct self-tests on the knowledge of the products and services.
  • Request to attend local trade conventions or seminars that relate to the products your company sells. Ideally these conventions or seminars would be held by your company’s vendors or product manufacturers.
  • Inquire if your company provides on-site product training from your company’s sales representatives to discuss various products and how to better sell the products to consumers.
  • Consider role-playing with a fellow co-work who can be the customer to ask you various questions about the company’s products and services that are offered.
  • Lastly, a good way to improve your understanding of your company’s products or services is to consider the question: Do you use or have you used your own company’s product or service? You want to develop a personal understanding of the product features and comfortably share your understanding of the benefits of the products and services your company offers.