Identify a theme for Seven Years in Tibet.

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Another important theme of the film is how it's possible for people to discover their true selves by coming into contact with another culture. Heinrich Harrer has achieved extraordinary success as a mountaineer. He is wealthy, famous, and highly-esteemed the world over for his remarkable achievements. But there seems to be something missing in his life, seen in the form of a lack of any real spiritual depth. His career as a mountain climber has formed in his mind a wholly material outlook on life, one which sees mountains simply as objects to be climbed, barriers to be surmounted in pursuit of a quest for worldly success and achievement.

Yet Harrer's experiences in Tibet change his entire worldview. In climbing over the mountains and into Tibet, Harrer has entered a whole new world, a spiritual world, one in which he will finally discover who he really is. His discovery of Buddhism and the spiritual rebirth it engenders gives him a deeper, more fulfilling insight into the world around...

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