What could be a possible title for Chapter Six in Bud, Not Buddy?

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A possible title for Chapter Six in Christopher Paul Curtis' Bud, Not Buddy would be "A Boy Named Clarence." 

In this chapter, Bud wakes up late and has to run all the way to the mission; unfortunately, by the time he gets there the food line has already stretched around two corners and across the street. Bud tries to get in line, but is informed that there will be no more people served food. Bud tries to argue with the man in charge of the food line, but the man pulls a large strap from his pocket, threatening to whip Bud. Bud is saved by a family who pulls Bud towards them by the neck. The tall man who has grabbed him leans over asks him, "Clarence, what took you so long?" He then orders Bud to, "get back in line with your momma." 

These strangers manage to get Bud breakfast by pretending that he's their "son," Clarence. Bud plays along with the role and even manages to get some brown sugar with his oatmeal. It is through their kindness and selflessness that he is able to be fed when he otherwise would have gone hungry. Thus, the title, "A Boy Named Clarence," would refer to the identity that Bud assumes in order to eat. 



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