What could be an online "marketing mix" for the massage therapy industry?

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Marketing mix consists of elements that make up the strategy used for marketing a product. The marketing mix for a firm that offers massage therapy and wants to advertise its service on-line would have to consider the following elements:

Product: The characteristics of the service have to be defined first. Is it only for the high end, premium market that the extremely rich can afford or is it something even someone with an average income range can afford. That would determine where the service is offered, the facilities available, the material used, etc.

Price: The kind of product and the target buyer would determine the price at which the massage therapy can be offered. The price would have to be kept reasonable if the number of target buyers is large else it can be kept very high if it is meant to be a premium service and is offered accordingly with the use of expensive and rare oils, by special therapists called from abroad, etc.

Place: If the massage therapy is a premium service it would have to be delivered from salons based in high end locations, else the amount of rent that has to be paid to maintain the salon can be reduced.

Promotion: The advertising is being done on-line but it is not completely define where the advertisements would be placed. There are millions of web sites on the Internet, each with its own set of viewers. First the firm would have to identify the target buyers. The characteristics of the target audience buyers would have to be analyzed to determine the sites they are most likely to visit and where they are most likely to be affected by the advertisement.

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