What could be a key passage from this book? Quote exactly from the book a passage that gives a glimpse into the lives of the characters, where the story takes place, themes within the piece or universal ideas.

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The second and third paragraph (of chapter one) in Suzanne Collins' novel Catching Fire provides a glimpse into the life of Katniss and the setting of the novel (partial given the setting moves throughout the districts).

The second paragraph states:

By noon they will be at my new house in the Victor's Village. The reporters, the camera crews, even Effie Trinket, my old escort, will have made their way form District 12 from the Capitol...There will be others waiting, too. A staff to cater to my every need on the long train trip.

The next paragraph, paragraph three, gives readers a glimpse into Katniss' life:

If it were up to me, I would try to forget the Hunger Games entirely.

Both of these passages allow readers to see the initial setting of the novel, Katniss' new home in Victor's Village, and her feelings about the Hunger Games (a glimpse into what she is conflicted with). Katniss, obviously, wants to forget what has happened in the past (as seen in the first novel The Hunger Games). This passage (and further into the paragraph) allows readers to see that Katniss is not at all happy with the fact that she must return to the Capitol. She is obviously not happy and wishes to forget.


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