What could environmental groups do to response to air pollution? thanks

juz-what | Student

Pollution is hard to control. Many things that cause pollution are of benefit to us: factories make our essential needs and provide us with jobs, motor vehicles get us around and power stations produce the electricity we use. Seeing that it is impossible to totally prevent pollution, steps should be taken by environmental groups to identify and eliminate the more dangerous forms of pollution. Environmental groups should encourage factories to use electricity in place of fossil fuels, since burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas is another source of pollutants in the air. Combustion releases harmful gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into the air. The constant release of these gases into the atmosphere can create problems. As an example, excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere creates a temperature barrier known as the ‘Greenhouse Effects”, making the whole Earth heat up. This then causes change in the climate and also disrupts rainfall. If this is not prevented, the Earth’s whole eco-system might be altered or even destroyed. Apart from these, they can put forward a proposal plan to the government to impose stricter laws to restrict the release of harmful gases from vehicles and factories. They should also take efforts to clean up air contaminants and plant more trees in the cities to balance the carbon dioxide content in the air. Another environmental groups’ response to air pollution would be to launch an important campaign. As you have probably heard, the campaign is called “Green campaign” and aims to combat Greenhouse Effects. As a result of all these actions, this will deter the public from getting involved in practices like open-burning of rubbish.