What could I do for a creative project to summarize Canto 1 of "Dante's Interno"?It is only a fifty-point project, and it must appeal to all learning styles

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Canto I of Dante's Inferno introduces us to the narrator's journey through the unknown. Along the way, he encounters three animals: a leopard, a lion, and a wolf. The poet Vergil also appears to give him advice. Here are just a few suggestions for projects:

(1) If you are artistic, you might make an illustration of Dante meeting the different animals. I would make it abstract instead of realistic to stress that Dante has lost his way.

(2) The eNotes summary of Canto I (linked below) notes that each of the three animals represents some form of sin: "(the leopard) depicts the sins of self-indulgence or incontinence, which are often the sins of youth. The lion represents the sins of bestial violence which are often the sins of adulthood; the wolf symbolizes the malicious sins, the sins of age." You might create a collage to symbolize each of these animals.

(3) You could do a Power Point presentation with images of what it might be like to be lost in the "valley of sin." Use images to represent each animal or form of sin, and try to find a song or songsĀ to fit. For the leopard, you might use Beck's "Loser" or the Beastie Boys's "You've Got to Fight for the Right to Party." For the lion, you might think of using images of war and a song to match. For the wolf, you could use images of famine or starving people or destruction of the land, with a song to match.

Use your imagination!

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