Give a detailed description of the relationship changes and new relationships in chapter 8 Lord of the Flies, with quotations. l

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Chapter 8 sees some real changes in the relationships in Lord of the Flies. The boys become divided and, despite an initial rejection of Jack's attempted take-over as leader

 most of them had slipped away to be with Jack

Ralph's group work even harder to ensure their rescue whereas Jack and his tribe want to hunt and have fun.

New levels of savagery develop in this chapter when Jack's tribe kill a pig. Leaving  an 'offering' for the beast is significant

This head is for the beast. It's a gift.

a grotesque monument to the boys’ increasing savagery

The boys(Jack's tribe) are terrified and fascinated all at the same time. Roger relishes the hunt and gets pleasure from torturing the pig. His truly evil character is developing.

Jack feels freed from the confines of civilization and painting his face allows him to almost develop another personality.

Ralph is almost giving up and cannot even think straight. Frustration is consuming him. He can't even remember why it is so important to keep the fire going. 

 Piggy is even mean to Simon, describing him as 'cracked.' All the boys, Simon included, are exposed to the developing wickedness

I'm part of you..

is the realization that comes to Simon whilst he sits quietly and contemplates the pig's head.

Even if he shut his eyes the sow's head still remained.

This chapter represents a crucial turning point as Jack's influence becomes more prevalent and Ralph can no longer hold on to control.  


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