What could be the creative ending that I could write to add to this story? What could be some possible later issues happen after the endind in the story? The ending should copy Poe's writing style.

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When you are stuck on a writing assignment, try brainstorming with questions--who, what, where, when, why, how, and what if?

Here are some questions that some to mind:

What happens if the officers remove the planks?

What if the pounding never leaves the narrator's mind?

What would the narrator's confession sound like?

How would he justify the homicide?

How does the narrator cope after his arrest?

Would he try to escape?

How would the officers describe what happened? What would they tell their buddies?

What would the narrator write in diary entries from jail?

To imitate Poe’s style, try to use a few of the verbs he uses. Remember to write in first person. Review some of the language and see if you can incorporate it in your new ending.

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