What could Arthur (Boo) Radley have written in a diary about in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee?I need multiple entries in this diary. Can anyone help?

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I am assuming that you are asking what Boo would have written about regarding the happenings in To Kill a Mockingbird. Given that readers are not ever given a clear picture of Boo, they can only characterize through indirect characterization, much could be learned through Boo's diary.

Possible diary suggestions are as follows:

-Boo's reasoning behind leaving the items in the tree.

-Boo's thoughts on Jem's dare to touch his house.

-Boo's thoughts on the night he saved the children.

-Boo's thoughts on why his father keeps him locked up in the house.

-Boo's thoughts on his past (why his father chose to keep him locked up in the first place).

-Boo's thoughts on Atticus shooting the dog (mentioning his thoughts on Atticus as a father versus his own father).

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